iPhone, Meet Your New $45 Unlimited Everything Plan

Updated 2/7/12: This morning, Straight Talk began selling SIM cards and service without the need for a hardware purchase. It is now easier than ever to use Straight Talk’s popular $45 unlimited talk, text and data pre-paid plan with your AT&T or unlocked iPhone. For details, see this post.

What would you say to an unlimited plan for $45 per month? With no contracts? Running on the same nationwide AT&T network? Do I have your attention yet? Introducing Straight Talk’s unlimited plan:

That’s a savings of over $70 per month from AT&T’s postpaid offerings, and you’ll be free of any contracts. There was little doubt that it was possible, but I can now confirm that there are no issues using the new iPhone 4S with the $45 unlimited everything (talk, text, data) Straight Talk prepaid plan. This doozie of a deal has been around for quite a while, but it’s worth a quick review for those who haven’t heard about it before.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Any iPhone that works with AT&T. It doesn’t even have to be unlocked, because we’ll be using Straight Talk’s AT&T-powered MVNO.
  • A Straight Talk smartphone. I recommend the Nokia E71, because it has been widely tested and confirmed to contain the correct TF64PSIMC4 SIM for use with the AT&T MVNO. Those in a rush can pay a premium for the smartphones available at your local Walmart, or you can order a refurbished E71 from their website for $99 $49 with free shipping.

The procedure is quite straightforward:

  • Activate your Straight Talk smartphone from their website with the included SIM.
  • Verify that your Straight Talk smartphone can make an outgoing call.
  • If you’re using the iPhone 4 or 4S, take our that SIM and punch it down to size. (If you don’t already have one, I have had good luck with this inexpensive Noosy micro SIM cutter.)
  • Pop that slimmed-down SIM into your iPhone. It will take a moment to acquire service, after which you should see “HOME” displayed in the carrier field.
  • To enable Internet access, email yourself this configuration file and open it. (If you don’t trust me, go to unlockit.co.nz or help.benm.at and generate your own configuration file using att.mvno as the APN.)
  • Done. Enjoy the same AT&T service for a new, low price.

Not too difficult, right? As always, there are a few other caveats worth mentioning:

  • If you’re going to port your number from your current carrier, do so when you first activate the phone. You will not be able to do so after you’ve activated the SIM.
  • If you want to use “classic” MMS with this plan, you’ll need to jailbreak your phone. I didn’t bother, because I only send pictures via iMessage or email.
  • Don’t push it with the “unlimited” data consumption. I’m certain they monitor your bandwidth, and I guarantee there’s some fine print somewhere that says that unlimited is actually quasi-limited. Just use your phone as a smartphone, and don’t go nuts with tethering and BitTorrent, and you should be fine.
  • I know you’re tempted to unload that unused Straight Talk smartphone on eBay or Craigslist. Resist the temptation. If you ever need to deal with Straight Talk support, they may require you to use their handset to duplicate the issue. The cost of the phone is a small price to pay, and it will pay for itself in just a few months of savings.

All things considered, it’s an excellent deal.

Is anyone else using Straight Talk with their iPhone? What are your thoughts?

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435 thoughts on “iPhone, Meet Your New $45 Unlimited Everything Plan

  1. i need your help with a new phone the htc one x. i want to know if i can buy that 15$ micro sim without having to cut it or anything and just plug it into my phone. idk when i go buy it with atnt if they will put a new card in it .anyway will the 45$ unlimited plan work? im around wifi a lot and wont need to go out of 2gb mostly. anyway im really cautious because this is my first time with prepaid. will 3g work here in new jersey? thanks all

  2. Hello I am sure I am asking something that has been answered before but with so many comments to scroll through I figured it was easier to ask again. I currently have an iPhone 4 that is NOT unlocked or jailbroke and I have been using Straight talk service on it for about 6 months. I would like to upgrade to the iPhone 4S but I want to be certain that this sim is going to work in it. I dont use the MMS on this iPhone 4 so I dont need that on the iphone 4S either. So if I place this sim in a new iPhone 4 S will it be just as simple as changing the setting for the data like it was for the this iPhone 4 or is it more involved and complicated…I dont want to have to unlock or jailbreak anything. Thanks for your help.

    • Also if I decide to keep my iPhone 4 can I upgrade to the 5.0.1 or whatever whithout it messing up the settings I changed for the data to work?

      • Yes. It will work straight away – exactly the same way it worked on your iPhone 4.

    • It’s really expensive to do it, if don’t already have an iPhone you’ll need to get one, either Unlocked or AT&T branded anywhere from $0-$850. Then you’ll need to get a Straight Talk Sim Card from their site. Once you’ve ordered the Sim Card, when you get it just stick it in the iPhone, then you need to jailbreak your iPhone to get MMS to work.

      • Be careful I’ve had straight talk for 3 months and I just got the warning call for using too much data in an unlimited plan damn liars they are the invisible limit is 2 gb- 3 gb do get a data counter!!!

  3. I bought the Iphone 4., and a sim card., and it says it cant activate it yet., and the people said it would take twenty four hours., is that fucking true?

  4. Everything went smoothly and I am 100% satisfied with my results! However, even though I’ve jailbroken my phone; I still can’t use mms. Any suggestions?

  5. So will this work on the iPhone 3GS ?. As far as the mms working on the iPhone 3GS and Iphone4, do they need to be jailbroken or is there another method to adding the mms. Thank you

  6. I hope someone could help me, I have an E71 and also an iphone 3g, ive tried switching sim cards but everytime I try ro make a call or text, it says call failed, ive been reading everything I can find and i havent found one other person this has happened to, and yes the sim card has all the correct numbers, any idea what im doing wrong? I would really apreciate any adviece, thanks Dana

    • Is your service plan active?
      Does the SIM work in the E71?
      Did you edit the APN settings on the iPhone for Straight Talk?
      Did you reboot your phone after you put the SIM in?
      How do you know for certain that there’s nothing wrong with your 3G?
      Are you in an area that has coverage?

  7. with this website you need to be in wifi with your iphone and goto this website and follow instructions to change apn #’s , i heard it is very simple to get your data running. Also on this same website it tells you how to swap sims to get the mms working. :-)

  8. i heard that Net10 is the same as straight talk but they dont cut off your data when the limit is reached, I called customer service three different times and i got the same answer so it must be true.They said that they will only slow down your speed . They will Not cut you off. I also watched something on Youtube saying that Net10 is better. They offer unlimited everything the same way straight talk does, they are owned by the same company but they charge a little more if you buy the refills in the store, but they charge the same as ST if you get auto refill . So at the beginning of the month i will buy the Sim for AT&T ‘s network with Net10 to use with my iPhone.

  9. Is there any other way to activate the iphone for Straight Talk? My daughter bought an At&t iphone 4s from ebay. We have a micro sim card from Straight Talk. The account is activated, but the iphone keeps giving us a message that the sim card is not compatible. We don’t have access to another Straight Talk phone.

    Is there any hope that we can get this iphone to work?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Yes if you unlock the phone via a unlocking website it will also activate it too so you’d spent maybe an extra 13-30$ depending on the site you choose. You should be good now !!

  10. Well yesterday I had a problem my imessage wasn’t working, I have the latest i.o.s and now today my imessage isn’t working now at all it says waiting for activation, what can I do? I have the 50$ plan for net10 any suggestion?

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