Dell Mainstream SSD Specifications

Dell’s website is pretty slim on technical details for the 50GB and 100GB solid-state drives being offered for current-generation PowerEdge servers. Their SSD white paper is woefully out of date and contains little with regards to technical detail, although the information it provides is still valid for general understanding of the performance impact of SSDs on various applications. The configurator simply lists the drive as “50GB Solid State Drive SATA Mainstream 2.5in HotPlug Hard Drive,” which doesn’t help much either.

Fortunately, I was able to piece together a few bits of information and determine that the current-generation SSDs being used in Dell’s PowerEdge servers are actually Samsung SS805 drives. These are “2nd Generation” SSDs rated at 25000 IOPS and 230 MB/s for reads and 6000 IOPS and 180 MB/s for writes.

I have confirmed these specifications with Dell, and the MCB4E50G5MXP-0VBD3 product ID listed for the Dell drives in an R710 I recently built jives with Samsung’s own part numbers.

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