WordPress Updgrades

WordPress 1.5 was officially released today. Some of the notable new features include:

  • Dashboard: Every time you log into the management page, you’re greated with a "dashboard" that includes the latest posts to the WordPress Development Blog, Planet WordPress posts, as well as some quick statistics from your blog.
  • Pages: WordPress 1.5 now allows you to create static pages and link to them directly as part of your blog. You are able to any number of custom templates, or a few default ones to get started with. I was acheiving this previously with a plugin, but having the functionality built into the new engine makes creating and editing pages much simpler.
  • Spam Prevention : The new version of WordPress uses a new set of rules to reduce comment spam. The functionality is much needed, but I’ll still keep Spam Karma turned on.
  • Themes: One of the huge improvements over previous versions of WordPress is the new theme control engine. Testing and editing of themes can be accomplished in a similar fashion to plugin management, a far cry from the manual editing required before.
  • Default Theme: The old default theme, while still included, has been replaced my the Michael Heieleman ‘s sensational Kubrick theme, which has graced aaltonen.us for a while now. For those uncomfortable with creating their own custom headers in Photoshop, Owen Winkler’s Kubrickr tool allows one to find images from Flickr and create beautiful headers using an intuitive web interface.

I’ve just finished upgrading the backend for aaltonen.us. As with any and all upgrades, something is guaranteed to have been broken. Please let me know if you run into any issues related to the changes.

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